Testimonials for Watercolorist Jim Black

Here are a few testimonials sent to Jim Black, watercolor teacher, painter, and mentor. His techniques have helped many watercolor artists become professional:

I am Velkis, living in Baltimore, MD. I started my painting life with Jim. Thanks Jim for all your help and patience with me and skillful advice. I now paint with total confidence that has permitted me into “Gallery Acceptance.” Recently a painting of mine was accepted by the Baltimore Watercolor Society for their annual road show. God Bless and Thanks Jim.

My name is Beatriz Uribe, living now in Madrid, Spain. I took lessons from Jim in the very early stages of my career in watercolor.  Please look at my website.

Jim, I’ve been following your site and receiving your newsletters since January of 2015, almost 3 years, and now I’m doing your monthly watercolor challenge. I look forward to each lesson and have learned so much from you, from color mixing to composition and so many hints/tips. More than anything else, you’ve helped me to have fun with watercolor! I now show my original paintings in our local art shows and did not always have the confidence to do this. Thanks so much! Gail Lindsey, Colorado.

From Ohio, Reference Watercolor Tip – Shapes Part 2.  Jim, thanks for this helpful email, such a great reminder. Often I am not thinking of shape as a whole when I begin a new painting. I “just begin” without thought to the entire composition. Then comes the realization…what to do to fix the problem…often it comes too late to save, so I move on. This is not something I have never heard before but something I need to remind myself of…often. I appreciate the time you have taken to simplify this very important lesson. Thanks…Bernadette

As an instructional designer, I am very impressed by the design of your site. The step-by-step demonstrations are explicit and easy to follow. The text part is kept to a minimum without sacrificing the essential instructions.Moreover, your way of writing makes the site “real”. I almost could feel as if you were explaining the art of the art right in front of me. What I like the most is the mini-demonstrations. The way you do it takes away the fear from beginners.
The lesson about the green pepper allows beginners to start painting “for display”. They can paint the pepper, frame it, and display it in the kitchen, or they can make a card out of it and mail it to their friends.Thank you so much for the well-put effort and your generosity. I really enjoy your online studio. It is well designed, and personable.— Zalea.”

“Thank you very much for the weekly report. It’s hard to tell how much I appreciate your great help for a beginner like me.
As you can see here, every Tuesday I check my e-mail often and just can’t wait to get the report. I like the way you put it simple and clear, especially with demos. I understand they are years of experience. Also, you are so kind to provide a chance to show our own work on your website, it is so exciting to see it on the web and even more to read comments from viewers. I got a bit addicted to it. All these have been very supportive for me to continue the passion on top of my hectic daily life.  I’m learning, improving, and happily dreaming of being an artist some day. Thanks again and all the best – Helen- Toronto”

I just want you to know that I think this is the most wonderful website for Watercolor Painting. As a new student to the medium, I have learned so very much from your weekly instructions. As a matter of fact, I have saved them all. Keep up the wonderful instructions as it is well appreciated. Thank you! Carol – Florida

I enjoy reading your newsletters and I really look forward to them.You have the knack of knowing intimately what difficulties that I have. What uncertain thoughts I have thought and what disappointed feelings I have had. I do try to take your suggestions to heart as well. Thanks for talking in such easy to understand words. Jane

“I can’t thank you enough for this generous offer of yours to send these free advice, tips, instructions and insights into problems and solutions. I am a beginner at watercolour even though I am not so young. I am presently taking a course which I enjoy tremendously. Your e-mails confirm and add to the information I am receiving from my teacher and serves also as a reminder. I have also visited the back issues (I am not finished yet with the reading), which I find very useful.

This is the first time I am receiving your e-mail and I am looking forward to the others with impatience. Once again, thank you, Mariette

I started my painting life with Jim. Keep up all the good work blessing others with the art of watercolor painting. Vicki – Baltimore area
A million thanks, magic eraser really works. Cleaned up some old failures. Melinda, Topeka, Kansas

Jim, I really enjoy the whole program! I’m new to watercolor, but you’re teaching me so much, my friends have been amazed! But only because of the mixing secrets you’ve taught. Anyway, Thanks for the class, Billye from Massachusetts

I am getting soooo much out of these tutorials. I never know when to stop and these help. I have been ready to throw away a painting then went back and added more VALUE and turned it into a pretty decent painting. Roberta