Meet Jim Black - Watercolorist and Teacher

Jim Black’s Watercolor Gallery concentrates on teaching you watercolor painting in many ways:

  • Through this website.
  • Through his Watercolor Challenge Program.
  • Jim’s Newsletter articles which you can sign up for free at the bottom of this page.
  • Jim’s “Watercolor for You Magazines,” which you can purchase on this link.
  • Jim is working on books to teach you water color painting so you can paint like a professional (look for announcements when they are published, which will be on this link).

Jim Black was born in London, England. He studied commercial art and engineering at the Northern Polytechnic School in London. Working as a design Jim Balck Watercolor Painter and Artistengineer, Jim traveled widely and diversified his work. He and his family moved to the United States where he sought out Masters of Watercolor Medium, notably Michael Atkinson, Darrly Trott, Tom Lynch and Nita Engle, studying with them in workshops. For several years, he lived in Southern Mexico where he taught at the Art Institute in San Miguel de Allende.

Then, 5 years later, Jim had an opportunity to teach in the United States where he held classes and workshops year round.

He is an avid “Watercolorist,” father, husband, son, your friend, traveler, and a teacher of watercolor painting who is always looking for, and finding, students that can be taught to paint really well. Jim has earned a reputation as a First Class Artist and Instructor.

Jim has helped many of his students turn their watercolor painting skills into professions – some who have had their work exhibited in Art Galleries across the world. Here are two examples:

I am Velkis, living in Baltimore, MD. I started my painting life with Jim. Thanks Jim for all your help and patience with me and skillful advice. I now paint with total confidence that has permitted me into “Gallery Acceptance.” Recently a painting of mine was accepted by the Baltimore Watercolor Society for their annual road show. God Bless and Thanks Jim.

This is what world renown watercolorist Beatriz Uribe from Spain says about Jim on her website:

Beatriz Uribe has made numerous national and international exhibitions. She began exhibiting in USA where she lived and once in Spain continued exhibiting her work in Pamplona, Barcelona and Madrid. From Madrid was selected to showcase her work at the Affordable Art Fair in Amsterdam through the Gaudi Gallery. She has also collaborated in online courses on watercolor technique with renowned watercolorist James “Jim” Black.

Jim also created a video-based program for watercolor painting students of all skill levels called “Jim’s Watercolor Challenge,” which he offers from this website.

Jim has written several online magazines about watercolor painting called “Watercolor for You,” which are offered through this website and Apple’s App Store for iPhone and iPad users. Both of which contain valuable lessons and techniques that Jim uses in his own watercolor paintings.

Jim has helped many students turn their watercolor hobby into a profession!

Let Jim help you!

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