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Watercolor Painting of a Windmill
Watercolor Painting of a Lake

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Learn watercolor painting from Jim Black, a 1st-class master watercolor artist and instructor.

  • Jim Black trained under several Masters of Watercolor, notably, Michael Atkinson, Darryl Trott, Tom Lynch, and Nita Engle, studying with them in workshops.
  • Jim taught at the Art Instituto in San Miguel de Allende, in southern Mexico.
  • He now holds watercolor classes and workshops the year round in the USA.

Learning Opportunities

Jim teaches all levels from beginners to advanced. It is very important that you get started right in your paint journey.

Watercolor painting is so much fun that you just want to get better at it. Jim can get you there.

There is always so much to learn that you never really get finished. You just want to keep on learning more.  That’s where Jim comes in.

How do you spell watercolor? Watercolor or watercolour? There is not really much difference in the way you spell it, except the “watercolor” is from American English, and “watercolour” is from British English.  So, no matter how you spell it, you have come to the right place to learn all about being a watercolorist.

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Jim offers his expertise as a professional watercolor painter and teacher to students of all levels

Watercolor Challenge Program - Join the Movement

The Watercolor Challenge Program has been a huge success, and students from all over the world have participated. Many students of Jim Black’s watercolor lessons have successfully been accepted by local galleries and shows to offer their paintings for sale.

Subscribe today to learn the basics of watercolor painting. Learn for instance:

  • How to choose the right paper and brushes.
  • Basic techniques of glazing and how to frame your work.
  • Learn watercolor techniques used by professional watercolor artists to bring interest, texture and “life” to your watercolor paintings.

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"Watercolor for You" Magazines

Jim Black’s “Watercolor for You” magazines are for sale on this site. Each magazine is full of important Tips and Techniques you create professional looking paintings. Check out the Magazines where you will find some of these articles – just to mention a few:

  • The Dark Secrets of paint manufacturers.
  • Experiment with watercolor video plus step-by-step painting of a professional floral.

Jim’s “Watercolor for You” magazines can be purchased on this website, go to this page.

Watercolor for You Magazine, Volume 1, January 1, 2014
Issue #2 Watercolor for You Magazine
Issue #3 Watercolor for You Magazine
Issue #4 Watercolor for You Magazine